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Low absolute lymphocytes and monocytes count

I have been on 6mp for over a year. I was getting blood work done regularly but in the past 4 months haven't gotten any done because my doc didn't request any.

Last week I needed a new prescription and he requested I get blood work done.

The results show really low absolute lymphoytes and low absolute monocytes.
My absolute lymphocytes was a 437 (normal range 850-3900
and my absolute monocytes is a 165 (normal range 200-950)

So.... I assume I'll get a call from the doctor soon...

What should I expect from him? Will he suggest lowering my dose? I currently take 75mg a day.

On the flip side. I have been feeling really good. I hate saying that. Something always comes up to bite me in the ass whenever I say "I feel good" or "I think I am in remission."
I imagine the dose will be lowered to try and get your white counts up, then maybe try again but monitor you more closely? Hopefully it's just a temporary blip because it sounds like the med is working!