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Low B12

Yes. Often people with CD will have a 'Short Barrett'' Syndrome . This an inflammation of the oesaphagus, which can rarely develop into oesaphageal Ca. The condition may also manifest in bouts of acid reflux and ' heartburn,' In short, GORD ,sometimes also referred to as GERD too. All to ofeten, there is a good chance of a coexistent pyloric

Pantoprazole, often marketed as Somac is a protein pump inhibitor which restricts hydrochloric acid production in the stomach and in turn decreases acid reflux. Unfortunately, the acid is needed to assist in the absorption of VitB12.

There are several ways to address this. I used to self inject 2/12 IMI, but know use a spray which is is administered sublingually... under the tongue daily. In Australia it available over the counter at pharmacies, no prescription needed Re- reading your question, carting my mind back 26 years, I don't Know whether I was B12 deficient, nut in the absence of any neurological signs, I guess not. Sorry to be long winded ,Hope this helps. Sometimes ,a hiatus hernia may also be present.


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Also, B12 is absorbed in the small bowel. So if you have active small bowel disease you could be deficient in B12.
I had a blood test for some other reason that showed low B12, that the doctor didn't think was important, and about the same time in my life started getting lower right pain that was put down to IBS. Many many many years later (about 17) my "IBS" got worse and I was eventually diagnosed with Crohns. A blood test then showed low B12, and I read somewhere that the terminal ileum (where my Crohns was) is where B12 is absorbed... and the penny dropped.

So I think I probably had low B12 that whole time. I think the main symptom was simply depression, as since I've been getting injections I don't feel that way.
Be careful with pantoprazole. Most of my disease is in the small bowel, so I am prone to kidney stones as one of the many lovely side effects of Crohn's. When I was on pantoprazole, I was getting stones twice as often.

But to answer the original question, yes, I had a B12 deficiency.