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Low B12

I have been diagnosed with low b12 (my level is 148). I am struggling to understand why this may be. I don't think it is my diet as I eat meat daily. I would be surprised if it is due to my crohn's. While my crohn's is in my terminal ileum, where b12 is absorbed, I am in remission and my last fecal calproctectin was 27 and my weight is the highest it has ever been, with a healthy BMI. I would also be surprised if it is because I have had a resection of that area because my resection was 10 years ago and my levels have always been normal until now. I'm anxious it could be due pernicious anemia. I would be gutted to be diagnosed with this as it seems to be associated with cancer.

My GI is recommending oral supplementation. Does anyone know why or what this means? The choice of oral versus injections?



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New York, USA
Even though you are in remission, there could still be an issue with the absorption of B12...I get shots every 4 months, which keeps my B12 within a normal range as it will drop even though I'm in clinical remission.

You can take daily supplements, I just opted for the shot every other infusion/4 months.