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Low Carb Diet for Crohn's


Here is a link to the chapter from "Life without bread" in which the author, an Austrian doctor shows how low carb diet is good for treating digestive illnesses. He also states his experience with Crohn's disease with very incouraging results. I guess the diet is similar to SCd, but with much lower carbs, as SCD allows no carb limit but only forbids certain carbs like starches and sugars. I guess for my case since I'm already underweight, SCD makes more sense. But the 2 approaches seem similar in their way of thinking especially regaring eliminating starches and sugar.

"103 patients suffering from Crohn's disease were treated by a low-carbohydrate diet. After a quarter of year most patients (85 percent) showed remarkable improvement in their health. After half a year, more than 60 percent were asymptomatic, after one year more than 70 percent and after one and a half year about 85 percent. This is in contrast with ulcerose colitis, which Is shown in the lowest line, improvement of which runs much slowlier on the same diet and often is interrupted by relapses.

Crohn's disease generally thought of being incurable can so be shown to be very well accessable to dietary measures. "
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Thanks for the link. I'm a firm believer in the logic behind these diets. Although I've never strictly followed them, I have cut back significantly on sugars and breads and have noticed improvement.

Humans are omnivores - but developed eating meats and vegetables. Wheats, sugars, corn and other complex carbs were not in the early human diet.
The persistent diarrhea changed my mind; I am down to 110 pounds which is what I weighed in high school. Since trying the SCDiet my diarrhea has reduced to floating stools and I am working to identify other autoimmune issues. I have identified a local source where I can pickup healthy meat and dairy to make the yogurt. My biggest issue was needing to cook from scratch, something I had really never done. I have been using several SCDiet cookbooks and learning recipes that do not require purchasing lots of expensive equipment except for the yogurt maker that will not fit in my small kitchen. I created more storage space by getting ruthless and eliminating everything not on the diet as I began to improve. I gave a lot away to friends and a food bank. The more I have learned about celiac disease I recognize family cooking behavior which kept my Dad amazingly healthy except whenever we went on vacation. And I remember disliking certain foods and having health issues as a child that indicate food problems. I learned about lack of hydrochloric acid in my forties when I switched from Wonder Bread to whole wheat. I consulted a local baker who said my symptoms suggested a gluten problem. Progression to eliminate gluten continued without eliminating the gut problems and when I went into irritable bowel and persistent diarrhea after an ER visit and the usual diet did not fix it was when my symptom list led me to the SCDiet. Glad to have found a blog that discusses these issues as I found that the one for Autistic children allows adults to participate but does not focus on celiac disease or a possible relationship to crowns disease.