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Low Dose Naltrexone for Microscopic Colitis?


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Naples, Florida
I have a form of microscopic colitis called Lymphocytic Colitis. Like Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis, it is a form of inflammatory bowel disease.

I'm really excited about LDN for Crohn's but was curious if anyone has tried or heard of anyone trying it for Lymphocytic Colitis or the other form of microscopic colitis: Collagenous Colitis.

They are characterized by microscopic inflammation due to a proliferation of lymphocytes. The main symptoms are chronic diarrhea and abdominal pain. I personally also have eye and chest inflammation.

Thoughts? Worth trying?


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Here's the question you should be asking... why not?

Here's the hurdles... finding someone to write a prescription without ruining the doctor patient relationship you now have. There is some risk to the doctor... reputation wise if it gets out they're passing these 'experimental' treatments out willy nilly. And doctors often are adverse to listening to the 'ideas... long shots... home remedies' their patients hit them with. If you have access to an open minded, brave physician, then that hurdle is overcome. Finding a pharmacy shouldn't be a problem, theres' tons of info on it here.
As to whether your specific type of Crohns will/won't respond... I 'believe' that you have the same 'chance' of success everyone else does... somewhere between the high 60s to the low 90s. I say that because.. well, one, I have an extremely rare form of this disease (or so I've been told, and told, and told) and two... I believe the mechanics are pretty similar despite any differences in name, location, severity, etc, etc.. Like, IBD, UC, CC or CD, or combos thereof,,, and third, LDN is used to treat many different illnesses... I think the way it works makes it sort of like a... not generic.. remedy. No, more like a blanket approach. Maybe loosely akin to aspirin. Sound logical??

Finally, the last caveat. But it is vital to consider. The gamble is you take LDN for at least 3 months in hopes that you are within the fairly large percentile for whom it works. You very likely will feel worse... even get worse. Been there, done that, it ain't pretty!!!
But it worked. For me. Paid off big time!!! But what if it doesn't for you? That is the rub!
If it does work, you are laughing... literally. Colitis issues are behind you. Possibly any of the EIM's as well. (I don't know if there is a direct correlation there, that is a guess).

Pills will run you about $90 (give or take). If they don't work, then you undergone like a 3 month flare... But, if it does work... take a pill a night and forget about the colitis.

Think that covers everything in a nutshell. If it is of any comfort/help in deciding 1 way or the other... remember we've got kids on here trying this gamble. Some are winning!!!
David I think it would be a great thing for you to try. I was told that at worst ldn would do nothing so if that's true you have nothing to lose. It's interesting to me to see what it has done for Chloe. Her last scan revealed " a more normal appearance" in areas that were previously diseased. In addition she doesn't even catch a cold anymore. Of course that could be because she has rocking d3 levels now. There are people taking ldn for all kinds of conditions. There is even a protocol for an even lower dose taken as a preventive measure. I know you'll keep us updated if you decide to go for it.