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Low dose naltrexone is working for me.

Good Day all,

I have been on and off Low dose Naltrexone over the last year, but I never stuck with it due to start up side effects.

This time around, Ive pushed through, and those side effects has completely disappeared. Ive been on it, daily, for about 3 months now and its been a night and day difference. I take 4.5 mg before bed. I believe I may have had rough start up side effects because I started directly at the 4.5mg dose and didnt work up to it.

But now that ive been on this dose for a few months, my symptoms are also non existent. I still have some minor issues, but doing way way better.

Doctor is happy and wants me to stay on it for a while longer.

I just wanted to share. I know it works for some people and not others, but maybe my experience could be on interest to others.