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Low dose Prednisone

I am on bridge therapy with 5mg Prednisone for knee swelling and waiting until the stelara works for knee swelling. I have been on this dose for knee swelling for 4 months. One doctor says I should discontinue while another says it is fine to stay on a little longer until the stelara works. What are your thoughts? I haven't been getting much side effects on this low dose except rare headache.

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If it's for your joints
What is rheumo advising ?
For ds GI controls pred for GI symptoms
And rheumo controls pred for JSpA symptoms

Ds is currently on 7.5 mg of pred a day for JSpA
Waiting for Stelara to kick in

If one doc has a concern I make sure they conference the prescribing doc

Good luck
I've actually seen two rheumatologists. It's really a gray line.One says just stay on low dose Prednisone because I think I also have other joints affected. When I come off the pred I get achy joints and worsening knee swelling. I have tmj pain which I think might also be an arthritis because it gets better on pred. One of the ibd people I saw recommended for me to come off pred as soon as I can. I have been taking orders 7.5. I feel like they are really leaving me to decide.
I don't know why doctors don't want to prescribe prednisone ani more and instead prescribe treatments that have far more dangerous side effects than prednisone. I was on it for years on 5 mg for maintaining crohn's, 3 years after I stopped I went out of a 13 year remission. and had to have 3 surgeries since. I should have stayed on prednisone,
When stopping, I started to get mild symptoms that built after that until I got a stricture from repeated flaring and healing, flaring and healing over and over again,
My GI even said that low dose prednisone kept me in remission all those years, but maybe my case being for the bowel is different from what you need it for. Good luck with yours.