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Low ferritin

Hello everyone
Looking for some advice about ferritin levels. Been feeling very rough recently. Have failed entyvio and waiting for wash out so can start stelara. So the Crohn’s isn’t great. Also had a localised infection so had a week of Flagyl. And to ice the cake, last blood test showed ferritin is very low (9) although folate, b12 and haemoglobin all ok.

Symptoms are very weak, shaky, run out of breath just going upstairs, chest pain, aches, no appetite (have lost a few pounds that I can’t spare), exhausted. Occasional high temperature. Generally feeling rubbish.

Negative Coronavirus test, thankfully.

IBD nurse said low ferritin can make you feel absolutely rotten. I’m taking ferrous sulphate pills (allergic reaction to previous iron infusion). But second IBD nurse said she spoke to gastro consultant and low ferritin shouldn’t cause these symptoms.

I’m back on Budesonide I think they might have gone for it steroids in non- corona times.

Any experience and advice would be very welcome.