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Low hemoglobin-->Pentasa?

Apparently my hemoglobin hit 106g/L this week. My GP immediately ordered up ferrous gluconate.

I went to see him today because he can pull up trend graphs over time. For years, my hemoglobin has been in the low 130's, occasionally popping up to as high as 140g/L. However it started dropping early in the fall of 2014 and has continued to fall.

I started taking Pentasa in Aug 2014 and have been on it ever since. The logical explanation for low hemoglobin would be bleeding due to Crohn's. Is it a bizarre coincidence that my hemoglobin started to drop shortly after starting Pentasa?

I don't see low hemoglobin as a side effect of Pentasa.
I have to get iron infusions about 3 times per year because of bleeding. In fact tomorrow is my infusion day. I took Pentasa for about 2 years and there was never a big change to my hemoglobin levels during that time - it stayed low until it got an infusion boost and then started to fall again over time. I would agree that it may be that the Pentasa isn't helping enough. How are you feeling otherwise? Other symptoms getting worse or not getting better?
Thanks AuburnKelly and nogutsnoglory.

To be honest, I have no symptoms. A colonsocopy showed that I have a patch of inflammation that the GI says is Crohn's and the Pentasa is supposed to keep it from getting worse. But it doesn't change how I feel.

I just find it bizarre that my hemoglobin has been fine (130-146g/L) for at least 10 years and only dropped out of the normal range AFTER I started the Pentasa.
Just an update. I started taking Proferrin in May and my last blood test shows that my hemoglobin is back up to 129g/L. My GP said he was surprised at how quickly it came back. The ferritin still needs to come up a bit, but it takes more time to come up than Hgb.

My GI might be peeved with me when I see him next week, but I have taken matters into my own hands. I quit the Pentasa in May when I started the iron. And I decided to give SCD a try. It's still early days, but I feel far better with the diet change than I ever did with the Pentasa. Since there's no other evidence of Crohn's, I will probably have to let the GI do another colonoscopy to see if there has been any change.


Have you looked in having faecal calprotectin run. By daughter has active crohn's disease with no symptoms. The first sign of a flare is dropping hemohlobin.