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Low Platelet Count on Humira?

Hi you guys,

Any of you had blood work that showed low platelet count? According to that same blood work I am not anemic and I don’t have any deficiencies.
I have been losing hair which is why I did the blood test.
Any ideas? Stories?


Staff member
New York, USA
I've actually had the opposite thing going on with Remicade - my platelet count has been high...

I think you need to take a look at the complete blood count to see if there are any other abnormalities - plus, do you know if you count has been decreasing or is steadily low.....I've been looking at some of my numbers over the past year and certain ones have been slowly dropping which hasn't been noted by the Dr office.....I'm going to look into it more myself as just looking at one 'off' number doesn't look bad, but then you start looking at the bigger picture and there is a pattern starting to show.....