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Low potassium all the time.Help!!

Hi guys I've been struggling with low potassium levels due to chronic dirreahea for months now one of the times I went in to atrial fibulattion and my heart went crazy(potassium level was 3.5 at the time the doctor didn't know the cause)and last week I was admitted to hospital again with pain,sickness and dirreahea and my potassium was 2.9.
I drink coconut water and have banana's everyday but doesn't seem to help.
Any ideas??
Last week was put on potassium Iv for six hours.


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I was given liquid potassium on a couple occasions. I'm not sure if it's a prescription or not. Taste dreadful. Check with the doctor to see if that would help.

Hope it gets sorted out. It sounds awful.


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I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties, I've moved this to the diet section so it will have more appropriate responses.
My potassium stays low as well. I have to take prescription potassium 2x daily. ER visits also include potassium drips/pills for me. I am surprised they have not monitored this more closely for you, or put you on a daily dose. Other potassium rich foods include apricots and cherries, but it really sounds like you need a supplement.
I have an issue with potassium too, my lowest tested has been 2.8. I've been prescribed some effervescent tablets which dissolve in water. They really do taste awful (like salty crayons) but they have helped me a lot. They're called Sando-K if you want to ask your GP about them.
Thanks for replying..
I just had my results from cardiology and everything is fine they say the cause of palpatations were probably due to low potassium my level was 3 and last weeks results were 3.7 more tests Wednesday to check and they might give me pills depending on results.
I don't know why doctors always insist on giving the sando K effervescent, they taste so foul. I reckon they have never tasted them.
There is an alternative (in the UK anyway) which is called slow K, it is a slow release pill so much more palatable.
Been back and forward to doctor he's waiting for my GI to give him the go ahead to prescribe potassium pills.
Levels are up and down have been for years they say but due to the pred it's getting worse.
try avoiding refined sugar and milk sugar, this may help reduce the diarhea so you will retain more nutrients like potassium. this helps me and i learned this from the specific carbohydrate diet read the book breaking the vicious cycle for more info .

try getting more potassium from refried beans or potatoes instead of bananas.