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Low res / low fiber

Hey all,
Been a while since I posted. My fistulas are all under control and have been for quite a while so I have been focused on lots of other things! So.. of course other things are going on. A big blockage in November and after bowel rest they started to switch from 2xCimizia dose to Remicade. I just finished the loading doses in time to have another blockage last week - same routine. Bowel rest for a couple days piles of pred and off to home. It's quite swollen in there so I am trying to be more careful but some stuff is confusing.

In the hospital they told me no bacon or potato chips..? Really where is the fiber there? Is is safe to have chips, cheetos etc? You know standard junk food with no nutritional value... it was never an issue before?

Do we have a sub forum her for low res / low fiber that I am missing? Any help would be great.
Never been told that... I would think the issue is more with Pred, pred can cause water retention which is made worse by salt and both of those are salty foods. So basically while on pred try not to go heavy on the salt, after that chips are low residue and I think bacon is as well.
Unfortunately I can understand bacon. It does seem to go through in chunks and can cause me at least a little irritation. Fortunately for me though things seem to be well controlled. Potato chips I find a little difficult to comprehend though. They were actually recommended to me to firm up my bowel movements (low salt versions). The salt can be an irritant as well.

Fingers are crossed that remicade works for you. It has been doing a really good job for me for almost 8 years now. I had fistulas at the time and now I don't, was clearly irritated and maybe even had some inflammation that is all gone now.

Rice is good, fish and chicken are good sources of protein that seem to be easily digestible. I have a book called "The IBD Nutrition Book" published by Wiley and Sons. It was very good for me when I was starting out with low res/low fibre diets.


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My GI told me to cut back on fiber and it does appear to help by reducing the volume that has to move through tender intestines. Grease can be difficult to digest which is why greasy food is discouraged. However, a plate of bacon and eggs is hard to pass up, and there is nothing wrong from having them, just limit the frequency.
I'm sorry to hear about your blockages. I know personally how badly they suck. I have a couple of strictures, which has me on a low residue/fiber diet. I don't get the potato chips not being recommended. As long as they're chewed well, they should cause no problems. However, bacon has a lot of fat in it, which is hard to digest. Although there is no fiber, there is "residue." I try to stick to lean means and stay away from things like pepperoni and salami. I don't seem to have any issues with bacon as long as I chew it very well.