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Low Residue Diet


I have seen some mention of this in the food thread and also mentioned it elsewhere, so I thought I would put this into the spotlight a little more.

After surgery it was recommended that I follow a Low Residue diet. In all honesty this was not that different what I was following before my bad flair up, as many of the not allowed foods would cause me bad cramps and cause me to throw up anyways (specifically nuts and seeds).

To me it seems that the problem with all diets is that they focus on what you CANNOT rather than what you CAN eat, and unfortunately I am going to keep that tradition alive now :). This diet recommends totally avoiding all whole grains, seeds, nuts, skins/seeds of fruits and vegetables (as well as totally avoid some fruits and vegetables) and whole spices. Depressed yet :confused: ? Don't be! There is still tons of foods you can enjoy, and you can still have a balanced and nutritious diet (including many fruits and vegetables).

For more information on the diet and a full and detailed list of what is allowed and what is not allowed see these links: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/patientinstructions/000200.htm and http://www.webmd.com/ibd-crohns-disease/low-residue-diet-foods
low residue / low fibre

What you are talking about is basically foods that trigger obstructive attacks or give your rectum hell on the way out.

Don't read this if you are squeamish.

In the beginning I was always told to eat lots of fibre because that would keep everything moving. I love muesli, wholegrain bread, the works, but it would give me such hell at the other end. I'd have leakages, it was just awful. It was really embarrassing to go to the doctor and say this, and it made life just terrible.

I ended up going to see a dietician who put me on a NO FIBRE diet and I never looked back. It's as boring as crap but you can alter it to fit your life. Some of the things are just plain ridiculous on it and you can do what you want with it, but basically all fibre has to be eliminated including nuts, seeds, pips, skins, anything that your body won't digest fully.

With processed food you need to wait until things like bread and scones are a day old for some reason. I think something breaks down.

I too was told to stay away from all spices, red meat, in fact everything that I enjoyed.

If you want to avoid bowel obstructions from food then you need to be on a low res diet. It's the hard fibre such as nuts, seeds, raw vegies that give you hell. Try eating a couple of raw carrots in the morning and see how long you last. However, I find almonds are okay.

You should also be aware of the foods you don't digest. You may have to look at the 'end result' occasionally to see what appears. You may be amazed at what you don't actually digest.

Your body also will tell you what it cannot tolerate. I don't tolerate fatty foods any more. I'm getting an overall nauseous, tummy rumbling experience if I have say, fish and chips. So I know to limit this or don't eat it at all.

It's all about trial and error. You learn the error bit by pain and experience and when you get used to your crohns you'll figure out what you can and can't eat safely. It took me years to give up peanuts. Don't ask what makes someone do things, but I'd eat a bag of peanuts, or a couple of carrots for morning tea and be in hospital that night. shit.


i hate it when they put me an this... There not may foods i really like on there so i am restricted to what i could eat

I really try and aviod going on this but sometimes i need to lol...


Thanks for writing all that out Lisa. You are absoultely correct (aren't you always?) about the bowel obstructions in my opinion. To safeguard against those, I am more than willing to stay put on this diet.
This is the diet I usually follow when I begin to experience any flare up problems. It sucks and I hate it but it works.

In the book Eating Right for a Bad Gut, James SCalla says that all people with IPD should peel their fruits and cook their vegetables. Also to avoid high fiber cereals. I guess these are tips which all of us with IBD should follow. Also he says no Nuts and no seeds except nut butters

Cara Fusinato

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Yep, I got this diet too! But I have added things in and found I could handle them (nuts esp.). However, fiber and fruits and veges or anything tough to digest, no way. The 1 ...2 combo of no gall bladder to help in digesting hard to digest items AND the Crohn's just make this diet pretty much the way it goes.