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Low WBC - azathioprine


I started 25mg of aza in April 2016. Took that for around 3 months and then upped to 50mg. I took that until March 2017 and then upped again to 75mg. From there my WBC started slowly dropping with each monthly blood test. By September 2017 it had dropped just slightly below normal so I was advised to go back down to 50mg. The following blood tests were then normal and so since then I’ve stayed on 50mg. I’ve just had a called though from the IBD team saying my February 2018 WBC count was just slightly lower than normal again.

I’m panicking - I don’t want to stop this drug! Anyone know my options? I’ve got to have another blood test in 2 weeks.

Lady Organic

Staff member
It is possible to play step by step with this drug. For instance, it could be reduced to 6 days instead of 7 at 50mg/day and so on. I am currently on this situation trying hard with my doctor to find the sweet spot with this drug. Usually the dr likes to stop just a fews days altogether the drug and then restart on the new schedule. You can talk about this option with your dr. good luck.