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Lower back pain on Azathioprine

Hi guys

I havent been on here for quite some time cos I have been doing really well but lately things havent been going so great!

I started Azathioprine in February and have been increasing my dose over time. I now take 125mg per day and have been doing for about 2.5 months. The only side effect I have had seemed to be some mild nausea each time I increased my dose. However in the last 2-3 weeks I have been feeling constantly sick, am exhausted, have little or no appetite and I have had low right abdominal pain.

I hadnt had any pain for months and it is getting me really down that it is back again! Its not excrutiating pain but its enough that I notice its there and I can feel that there is inflammation as when I press on my right side I can feel it is swollen - It feels the same as it did the last time I had a flare up!

Although I have little/no appetite I have to make myself eat cos if I dont I feel weak and cant function at all - which is no use when I am at work!

Ive been trying to get hold of my Specialist but so far he hasnt come back to me - I didnt call till Friday though - I thought it would all just go away with time!!

Finally, I dont know if this is relevant but I have really bad mid to lower back pain - I cannot get comfy at all! I have always suffered with upper back pain and neck pain but ive not had pain in my mid back before - it feels like someone is squeezing me around my middle! Has anyone had this before?

Any way, sorry for the rant, Im just frustrated that I was doing so well for a few months and now feel like ive took 2 steps backward!

Love Vicky

hi vicky. no apologies needed, its always ok to vent. sorry to hear you've been sick.

i always have back and neck pain but my low/mid back always gets real bad during a flare..definitely gets hard to get comfortable and sleep. where is the pain, in the center around the spine area or more on your sides in the kidney area?


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Hi Vickie, I hope you can meet with your GI soon. You need to find out what's going on before it gets worse. I don't know anything about Aza. Is it normal to continue to increase the dose even though you were doing well? That seems odd to me but what do I know. Anyway, hope you get answers and relief soon. Stick around this time!!!


Hiya Vicky

sounds like some inflammation there! if you start vomiting, get to ER! lower back pain, near the kidneys, like Chris said, was my first indication that I was narrowing, then I started vomiting violently, I was blocked.
Phone your doc, hope you're ok?
Thanks for the responses guys!

Chris - The pain goes across the centre of my back and then it is at the sides lower down. Its just like a constant dull ache but it is so uncomfortable - Im at work at the minute and Ive had to get a support for my back cos I cant sit in the chair without being in pain.

I dont know if its normal or not but Ive noticed a lump on my right lower back as well - not sure if this is related or not though?!

Dexky - My doctor increased my Aza dose because he said 125mg per day is what I should be taking! I definetly felt better on a lower dose though so think i will ask him whether it can be lowered again!

Astra - I havent been sick at all - I just have really bad nausea. Ive found as long as I stick to bland foods and liquid food (i.e. soup) I feel ok.

My doctor's secreatary came back to me a little while ago and the message was that my recent blood tests (taken on 6 Aug) are all fine but the doctor will see me earlier than my scheduled appointment in December - apparently an appointment will be sent out in the post! So I guess I am just going to have to wait! I am going to see my GP tonight tho so maybe I will mention it to them.

thanks again!



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Another thing to keep an eye on is possible kidney stones....us crohnnies are prone to them also.....ache/pain in lower back that wraps around - can get excrutuiating.....can come and go also.....

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I agree with all that has been said. Some times the pain radiates, and I am prone to kidney stones, and thought I was getting some. My test for that is if you drink alot of water wait an hour if the pain goes away, it is a marker for stones. Sorry you are having a set back. This disease is so unpredictable, comes and goes and the mysteries of the pains never cease to surprise me. :hang: hope you get your call back from the doc, let us know!


Just popping in to say hello and sorry you are suffering after a few good months.

Some folks have suggested ginger capsules for nausea so maybe you want to give that a try.

Good luck - hope you can get in to your GI and start feeling better soon! -Amy