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Lower left quad pain

Hi all, will try and keep this brief.
I have woke (well it woke me) with the above. Usually would signal that my UC was going haywire, but thats not a possibility now that my colon and almost all of my rectum has been removed. I'm passing loads of mucus and just started a bleed (slight at the mo). I'm currently on 40mg of pred and predfoam twice a day- so I really dont understand whats happening here.
Any suggestions?
If it were proctitis I would expect the pain to be lower ad more centered around my recum, but this isn't. If it was on my right side I would say my appendix was poorly (but even thats been removed)- its that kind of sharp pain. Not sure if Im more comfortable with my leg bent or straight- hurts either way.
I have hosp appt later- but to be honest I dont want to go. I dont have the energy to move from my bed right now. Everything seems zapped!!

Any info advice much appreciated.:sign0085:
And xx


To save time...Ask Dusty!
You gotta get back in there Andrea!! I know it's not what you want to hear, but you know it's true:(
I Andrea, Like mark said you have to go to the hospital appt. to really see what is going on if the pain is on your right side something is up. it could be flare up or it could be just constipation. either way you have got to go and see about it. i wouldn't wait if i were you especially if you have an appt. Hospital appt are hard to come by these days.

I agree you gotta go to the hospital and see what they say. It could be a flare, something is wrong with the surgery site or maybe your spleen or something else. I know you were diagnosed with UC but it's possible you got a misdiagnosis and really have crohns(or crohns colitis since it sounds like it was localized in your colon) but don't wait it out. Best of luck

Crohn's Mom

Andrea you KNOW you need to be back in the hospital hun! I know it sucks beyond belief, but they can't help you while you're at home :(
Please, please go !

I'm so sorry you're having more troubles....this is unbelievable !
love you much!!