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Lowered sex drive and can't seem to.....finish. crohns/humira

I'm a 27yr old male and was diagnosed with crohns about 2 years ago. Just recently started the humira shot as of about 3 months ago and my desire for intimacy isn't really there like it used to be. I use to be good for at least 6 days a week now when my fiancé and I try it's quite the mission to even get me started then I won't finish. It's super frustrating for the both of us in many ways especially since we are trying for a baby. I'm not sure if it's the disease, the humira, or both...if anybody can relate or shed some light or anything please do so. We need help! Thanks in advance!
Doubt it is Humira. Fatigue is part of the disease. Your body is in a constant fight. Only time I have a problem is when I haven't taken a nap and I am fatigued bad, may try taking B-12 in the morning also for a boost, it's helped me. Try napping for 2 or so hours and get refueled and see what happens. Everyone is different.
It is so sad and difficult, I had the same problem. I am 40 and I had some problems with potency. It was a shame for me as a man and I started to take viagra. But viagra gave me bad headaches. So, I decided to visit my doctor and to find medicine that will fit me. I was afraid at first but then I realized that I won't be the first man he has seen this week in my situation, and I won't be the last. My doctor prescribed me levitra αγορα. It also promotes stronger and more powerful erections. So, now I can have sex with my wife without side effects after.
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