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Lumbar facet arthrosis

I was finally diagnosed with that today :(

All that I know is it is arthritis (thank god--I finally have proof!)...the scary thing is, that x-ray also revealed that my joints/low back discs have begun eroding away...

Can anyone maybe help me out with what kind of arthritis causes this?? Is it Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid??

Just one more thing to add to my neverending list :(
ankylosing spondylitis??? It causes the spine to fuse, not erode, but it's in the same family as CD and RA.
is this the one caused by steroids?
i have a similar type i think.
get into your vitamin D, calcium and excercise. my doc said these things will turn it around for me:D
Just to update, I got the form to get bloodwork to test for RA, and the family doc will find out for me where I can get physio here in the city.
Only problem is the zillion year waiting lists in this province...can be a long time before I can get into any therapy.
Let us know when you find out more about the Dx, I'm not sure what that is, or how you could have acquired it (even if it's genetic).
My back problems/pain (exactly like you've described it here) started 12 years ago and was really the first in a series of medical "stuff" that's happened that eventually led to Crohns. I have read where this type of back problem/fusing of the vertebrae, etc., is connected to Crohns and I believe it. I've had several procedures and fusion done on my back and the doctor hadn't put it together with Crohn's until recently.

You're right. It's just another thing to deal with but a HORRIBLE thing to deal with.

The "McKenzie Method" of Physical Therapy has been the best treatment for me among many, many different tries.