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Lump behind earlobe?

My Daughter has been on Remicade and Imuran for about 10 months now. She was on Imuran for about 3 yrs. previous to starting this combination.

She called me tonight from Ottawa, asking me about a marble sized lump that's located directly behind her earlobe. She said it doesn't hurt really, and has been there for a few days.

I told her I'd book a Doctor's appt, but after searching the internet I got extremely scared. Most websites indicated that it's a swollen lymph node. They all seemed to indicated that it could likely be Lymphoma, (Cancer). Considering the medications she's on, this has doubled my fears right now.

I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight. I'd really appreciate any input on this, or if anyone's has had related experience.

My son would get swollen lymph nodes as well when on remicade. I took him into the doc the first time but they weren't concerned, said swollen lymph nodes can occur for various reasons. It took a few days but it went down. Also, my son's lymph nodes under his neck swell during allergy season for him.

I would just get the doc to take a look. There are several on this site that have experienced this, you can do a search on the forum using swollen lymph nodes to see others experiences.


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Could be a swollen lymph node but she said it didn't hurt so to me it sounds like it could be something else. My lymph nodes have swollen in various parts of my body which eventually go down on their own (Remicade did it for sure, so did Methotrexate and now my current combination of 6MP with Allopuriniol) but they always hurt pretty bad (for me anyway).

I wonder if maybe it could be a cyst. I used to get them in and around my earlobe when I was in High School for whatever reason. They didn't hurt but weren't marble sized, at most half a marble yet I'm sure they can get much larger. My brother in law gets them as well, large ones too (he's had some surgically removed when he was younger). Either way it would be good to have it looked at as soon as she's able.


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Hi. It should be looked at by the doctor. I would not put much faith in any Internet diagnosis or might be problems. My skin does all kinds of weird things when I'm flaring. And typical crohns treatments may not get rid of the problem.
Hope this is sorted out quickly and it's nothing.
Just want to update:

We did get her to the Doctor. The "lump" was really small. About a quarter the size of a pea.

The Dr. concluded that it is a lymph node, but of no concern. She examined her head to toe, and no other signs of problems. Going back for a follow-up in a couple of weeks, and blood work.

Hopefully, it was from a recent cold of something. Thanks to all for the replies. Much appreciated.