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Lump in my throat

Ok, I have only just got back from holiday and I'm pestering you guys already!

I have this wierd feeling like something is stuck in my throat. When I swallow, it feels like when somebody has their hand on your neck and presses on your windpipe. Any ideas? I have had it since getting up this morning and it's getting annoying and starting to make me feel pukey :(

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Yeah I had that feeling too. Turns out I have a Hiatus hernia and with Crohns it can start up anywhere. I know the feeling and it is not nice. Try not to worry, even though you haven't a clue, do you have a doctor appt coming up??
Actually I am having an appointment with an ibd nurse on Tues, I am supposed to be going on aza, but I had it so good on holiday I am in 2 minds whether to leave well enough alone and not risk new side effects, or whether to go ahead in case my symptoms return once I am back at work and normal routine (ie stress!). Did you have any other symptoms from the hernia? And do they run in families?

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Yes, severe heartburn, at times pretty scary, thought I was having a heart attack. Other times it was feeling like a pill was stuck in my throat, and was annoying. Sometimes I am wondering from the Prednisone causing the heartburn and the hiatus hernia were working against each other and being on Nexium when it starts up, was causing hair loss and other nicities from lack of Calcium.

My sister has Gerd, and my grandmother had gastroenitis, gas and burping alot. So yes it can run in families. Just keep your meals smaller and drink lots. Maalox was the only thing that helped me. I had an endoscopy when it wouldn't subside and have the HH but have a exercise and it helps. Does anyone in your family have Acid reflux, gerd, or HH?
Well I saw the nurse today. She says the lump is probably just acid, take some antacids and see if that helps. If not, see the GP. So I took some pepcid and I can still feel the lump but it's not hurting now. I have to admit, I'm still a bit worried because I never had acid or heartburn or anything like that before, and I've had this for 5 days now. I think it says you can only take the pepcid for a week or so, so if it's not sorted by then I will go to the GP.

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If you take ant acids, make sure you are on good amounts of absorbable calcium. The lump will go down, after the inflammation goes away. I am on low dose pred and other drugs can cause it too and back on Nexium. Eat slow, sleep with your pillow higher and avoid acid makers, like juice, cinnimon, spearmint and peppermint. Burns like heck if you are not careful! Good luck!
Hey Rebecca!

Keona posted on here about having problems with thrush. I thought she might have mentioned having similar sensations in the back of her throat. You can search for her threads up at the top of the forum. Maybe some more useful info might be found there!
I vaguely remember the thread, I don't think that's it because my tongue isn't particularly white, and I don't have thrush anywhere else. But if it doesn't clear up on the antacids I will certainly bear that in mind, thanks!
i was also going to suggest it may be an acid/reflux issue, but it's already been mentioned :)

another couple of thoughts... any kind of virus/bug can make glands & throat tissue swell up... maybe you just have a mild virus or something right now? also, this is probably not the case but worth mentioning... there's something called globus hystericus, which is a feeling of a lump in the throat, but it's actually caused by anxiety.

i had this years ago, was convinced i had something stuck in my throat, it hurt, and i couldn't swallow food because of the horrid sensation. eventually i went to A&E and had a weird mirror/light contraption stuck down my throat - nothing to see at all. i was going through panic and anxiety at the time, and didn't for a minute think it was connected, but it was - it was merely a sensation without any physical cause.
I don't think it's glands because when my glands are up I can feel them on the outside. The anxiety is definately a possibility, I am having a hard time with my emetophobia, not sleeping and getting upset a lot :( Guess I need to chill out a bit!
Hi there

I also have a lump in my throat. I have LERD like GORD. But at the moment I feel like I have scar tissue or something. I can be talking away and then I stop suddenly as start coughing and gagging. Sometimes I also get a lot of nasal drip coming through the cough. It's not really pleasant. It settles back down, until the next time I am on the phone, singing, or projecting my voice, mind you it happens in normal conversation too. I have had an endoscopy recently but this lump has developed more since then. I have no idea what it is. But I did get dx with Gord/LERd after the endoscopy.
Hi, I also have had a lump in my throat for weeks. Was on penicillin (July 19th started). Dr said it looked like Strep. It did help some but lump feeling still there. I went to dr last friday, tested me for strep-(negative). He said maybe I should have a scope? Still have lump, throat is somewhat sore and red. I have had heartburn on and off for the last 2-3 month. I have never have heartburn before? Anyone have any idea what it could be. I am on Humira, and it scares me. I know I can get a bad infection. I have been drinking Hot water + Honey +Lemon which does help soothe. Should I press for the scope. I am not running a fever.
Well my lump went away after a few days continuous use of antacids, so it must have been reflux. Since you have heartburn, maybe yours is too? You could try the antacids and if they don't work, or if it comes back again, push for a scope.
I get that lump feeling when I eat eggs and occasionally cheese. It just started a couple years ago. I just figured I'd become allergic to them.
Rebecca, I wasn't familiar with the word, "emetophobia". Oh, how I know that feeling. I would rather endure severe pain than vomit. When I know that it's going to happen, I swear a feeling of immense dread just grips me. Ugh. No one in my family understands. They're the type who will happily stick a finger down the throat if they eat something off. Someone could tell me that I'd just ingested rancid meat and I would try to hold it down. I'm feeling blessed that vomiting hasn't been a symptom of my Crohn's yet. That acid/heartburn feeling mimics the feeling that I get before vomiting, so it would cause me anxiety also.
Well vomiting was a symptom for me at the start, due to severe pain. But it's different to vomiting from a stomach bug or food poisoning. And it happened that often it doesn't bother me as much! However, I still freak if someone around me is ill.
I have this feeling every now and again too. It started maybe a year or so ago (well before my crohn's dx) and when I asked mt GP about it he said it was globus pharyngeus. Basically a lump in the throat for no reason - no heartburn or anything else associated (which I had assumed was the case and was trying to treat with Mylanta etc). Sorry for all the ppl with phobias, but I found that vomiting actually helped, not that there was ever really anything coming up.

I never had a scope or anything, GP reckoned it was caused by stress, although this doesn't seem to fit in all cases. Maybe this is what you have? Or maybe, I need to get my GP to relook at this dx since my crohn's dx. I googled crohn's + globus pharyngeus and there are no real results that relate. Has anyone else heard of this condition?