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Lump next to seton


I had a perianal abscess last year and a seton fitted this year in January. I was supposed to have my check up with my surgeon but had to cancel due to the coronavirus lockdown. I have now had a little lump next to the seton. It's painful to the touch and looks like a blister (the best way I can describe it) I'm worried that it's another track or something and will require another seton! This one has been beyond painful and the recovery took a while. I'm a cleaner and have 4 children so hate being off my feet and in pain, but I'm dreading the worst. I really want to exercise but it is so sore I can't do much at all. Any advice?
I have had pockets like lumps near seton on the outside. Its a collection of the draining from fistula. Sometimes if the fistula output is a bit thick -it's possible to happen,. Sit's baths as many as you can will do can help, if they do not help, you may need to see a colo rectal surgeon to evacuate - drain that pocket. it's so uncomfortable with the knot. I am having my seton replaced with a smooth seton - no knots. just smooth rubber tube with male to female connection. Its called smooth seton and it took me almost a year to have my surgeon to agree and try. Hopefully in a next few weeks i will get it put in.