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Lump on stoma.

Hi Guys, Just hoping i can get a quick bit of advice. I am planning on trying to get to my stoma clinic later this week but in the mean time I though id see if anyone has had similar experiences here.

Basically this morning I noticed a bit of a lump (well 2 , one a lot smaller than the other) on the underside of my stoma, It's in an area I'd never normally see. I wear a 2 piece and I'm hoping it's just some sort of granuloma or something, I've attached a picture, there are 2 however the biggest is a bit smaller than a pea.It doesn't hurt and to be honest it could have been there for a while. because of the way my stoma can droop down the lump is positioned around the area the plastic ring for my bag is.

anybody seen anything like this before? Sorry for posting a gross picture!
Hey! I have had these and the dr said its polyps or crohns so I wouldn't be too worried but it's good to see the dr anyway :)



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I have something similar to yours. Mine is a keyloid(?). Told me not to worry.
Double check with the doctor to be sure.
Thanls for getting back to me, I went to see my stoma nurse and she said it is a granuloma which i guess is similar to a keloid. They've put some silver nitrate on it and I have to go back for more until it goes and if it doesn't go they said it may need to be removed surgically but it isn't anything to worry about so that's a relief!