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Lung nodules and Crohn's disease

Hi, has anyone with Crohn's or colitis developed lung nodules? I have 2 small nodules that we're discovered by a CT scan after pneumonia a couple years ago. I have had 2 repeat scans to monitor. They have not grown in size. The last scan in Dec 2013 showed a third small nodule. My Dr referred me to a Pulmonary specialist. He said depending on where the CT scan "sliced", the third nodule could have been missed on previous scans. He said nodules can be caused by Crohn's disease whether the disease is active or under control. ( apparently Crohns 's can literally effect any organ in the body) Because I never had a CT scan of my chest prior to the first study, there is no way to know how long they have been there. I'm schedule for another scan In Dec and if no change, they will stop monitoring it. I would welcome any input if there is anyone who has had a similar experience. Thanks !
Yes it was to me also. But when I looked on line I saw there is a connection. Crohn's seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving.
The pulmonary specialists said they can go undectected for yrs and are usually found by accident during scans for other issues. Previous infections can attribute as well.
I have lung nodules as well, in both lungs. They were found during CT of chest for persistent pneumonia and shortness of breath. Was followed by repeat CT scans for 2 years and they didn't grow, so was released from the specialist and was told there is no need to worry about them. It scared me when first found that I finally quit smoking.

Turns out I also have a rare genetic lung condition called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency with early mild emphysema (found on same CT as nodules), so even better I quit smoking. Lung wise, I am doing really well and no concerns with them at this time. Just can't ever smoke again, which is fine. My new GI was very intrigued when I told him about the alpha-1. I'll have to ask him if he thinks the lung nodules & alpha-1 are maybe connected to Crohn's somehow.
Thank you for your response. I welcome any info. I have 3 small (3mm-5mm) nodules and next CT scan in Dec. I also had persistent pneumonia in January 2012 and my nodules were also found with a CT scan for the pneumonia. When looking up alpha 1 antitrypsin in Crohn's disease on line, many links come up. It appears there is a connection with Crohn's. Along with other lung conditions! My GI Dr is the department head, and also was not aware of a connection until I told her my pulmonary specialist told me. She was very interested and was going to look into it further. I quit smoking also 18 years ago 3 months before my Crohns surgery. I'm glad your are currently doing well with your lung issues. I hope your Crohn's is well under control also. I have been on mercaptopurine (75mg/day) for over 20 years and often wonder what the long term side effects are with that drug. My Dr has not had anyone on it as long as I have been.