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Lymph nodes enlarged in breast tissue one side.. Doctors blaming crohns...possible?

Has anyone else noticed that when you have any kind of health problem at all, the doctors find some way of making out that it's crohns/UC related?

I currently have around five very enlarged lymph nodes in my right breast. I have had one of them biopsied and it has been found to be benign (yay) however when I asked the doctor what could be causing them to inflame he shrugged and said that it's probably the crohns...

Has anyone else had problems with enlarged lymph nodes that are crohns / UC related?



I do find that doctors blame a lot on Crohn's but it also does cause many extra intestinal manifestations. I have large lymph nodes in my gut from the disease but its a place that makes much more sense. Glad your growth is benign.


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I also have enlarged lymph nodes in my stomach. I once had enlarged lymph nodes in my groin from a tiny cut on my foot so I guess its possible that crohn's could be causing yours but I'm glad you had them biopsied to be certain. Its very easy for us to overlook other health problems by assuming everything is crohn's related. And worrisome that doctors may assume the same. Thank heavens yours were benign, it must have been very scary waithing for the results.
Thanks guys :)

It makes far more sense to have enlarged lymph nodes in your stomach... But this is crohns after all... Anything is possible lol

It was definitely scary as I have already had a lump removed from my left breast that they thought was benign but turned out to be precancerous! So of course the first thing I did was to return to my breast surgeon. Luckily -- due to the fact the he knew about my previous lump and family history of cancer -- he biopsied me then and there (ouch) and I had the results in a week.

I have had bilateral breast ultrasounds and MRI's every year since the lump was removed (I am 30 now and was 27 when it was removed) as it would appear that I am at high risk of breast cancer, so any lumps and bumps are seen to straight away...

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