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Make me relax!

:eek: Okay--I know what works for one may not be the fix for another. I also know that I'm only 15 days post surgery--but what works as far as ileostomy brands? I have thin, pale, irish girly skin that has been traumatized off and on over the past 12 years with steroids. I came home from the hospital with hollister 2 piece thing. I use that skin barrier stuff that looks like you are touching your skin with a lollipop before applying the wafer. I'm paranoid about leaks, and I think its because of my skin, not the poo. Please, I'm sure you can sympathize with me when I say do you know how many times I've sharted and pooed my pants over the last 12 years? LOL. I can laugh now. I had my first leak today---of course it was after my home visit with the nurse. I didn't freak and call--just told myself that I needed to deal with it and that I'm a reasonably smart person that can read and cut and stick! Anyway, I thought to try the Eakin thing--so I put it around Blossom the stoma before applying the wafer. It feels as if I accomplished a good seal--that was about 3 hours ago. I still have sutures around Blossom--so the base seemed a little goopy. No skin breakdown--just a tiny bit irritated where the poo touched it. By the way--it felt like I was being bitten by a herd of fire ants--wow! I'm still sleeping in the recliner--but want to sleep in my bed something fierce. Perhaps I just need you to hold my hand or something--dunno. I know that I need to relax about it--tellin myself to quit being a "ninny." That's what my mama used to call me when I played in mud puddles? LOL. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Dana and scary Blossom.
Ah yes, the dreaded leaks. They are terrible when you get them because they always come at the worst of times. Don't worry about it happening though. Just clean up and you'll be well. I don't remember the feeling of being bit by a herd of fire ants but I was pretty well doped up on pain meds since I got an obstruction days after my surgery. Right now is probably not the best time to use a belt as you don't want ton put too much pressure around your stoma with the sutures in but once your sutures fall out go and get a belt as it will help hold everything on better, in fact get two so that when you shower with one you can put on the other after so the wet one can dry.haha Take care. Sorry you needed the surgery but I promise it gets better after a while. My first six weeks were hell but not I've gained back 30 pounds of weight after a year and a half. God bless and read a book to take your mind off your stoma. Eventually you will forget Blossom is there.
Jeff is right, it does get better after a while. The biggest thing to do is relax. I had issues with my appliance leaking, and getting that feeling of fire ants. Eventually what happens is you become so used to having blossom in your case, i named mine oscar, that you know how to deal with things with no problem when they pop up. It got to the point when i was in the hospital where i live, i knew more about ostomies than they did, and i think that will happen to you. Just dont be afraid of leaks or things like that. If they happen, just take care of them, and go about your business.


Hi Dana! First, just breathe. You are gonna have leaks, even after you are an old pro. Frankly 85% of leaks arent down to us doing anything wrong. They just happen.

I use coloplast sensura flex, two piece drainables. I use Cavilon spray to protect my skin. Wonderful product. I use convatec stoma powder because it has aloe in it for healing from mishaps. And I use salts secuplast rings.

I bet you still have stitches in blossom. Mine were supposed to disolve, but they didnt, and had to be removed. Ouch! So, blossom will be sensitive until those stitches are gone.

Blossom is still shrinking and will be for a bit, so at first trying new products is going to be difficult. And you are also going to be prone to having leaks while she is shrinking. Which is why the barrier rings are a help during this time especially.
Thanx soooo much Jeff, Jlanier, and Misty. Deeeeeeep breath and relax--you helped a lot. And this is a good thing, because I'm taking my kids to WalMart as they have Christmas gift cards. The store is about 30 minutes from home. I am not going to worry about the fire ant syndrome, or any other horror that my overactive worry center can throw @ me! Ha Ha---thanx everyone, you are the best!:hug: Dana
I hope things have settled down a bit these past few days. Its just gonna take time because the more you have to take care or your stoma the more you will learn all the little do's and donts about your own blossom. I hope you are doing OK....
Hello there, I've had bags in my life for 6 months.

Not much experience but I can tell you that leaks do happen and you have to laugh at them. My Girlfriend helped me laugh at them too because having a leak when you are intimate is quite something.

So if you get a leak at walmart imagine me with my GF and you will see it's nothing to really worry about. like they say shit happens