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Malabsorption / Short Bowel

Hi - after months of trying to convince my GI that i am not absorbing and having 5 pints of blood and 7 iron transfusions due to chronic anaemia they have finally agreed that im not bleeding anywhere and that its down to malabsorption.

I know there is no cure for this but just wondering if anyone has it and how they manage it ?

My gastric transit time is between 20 minutes and 1 hour so foods not staying in long - even if it does it moves through the small bowel too fast so heres never chance to absorb nutrients there.

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FRUITLOOP!!!!!!!!!! So nice to see you again, been so long your kids must be married by now lol, kidding.

I have had two resections and after my second one I had to use Questran (cholestyramine) it was a miracle for me. I only took 1 sachet a day, my sister has crohns colitis and had to take 3 a day, we all differ but why suffer, and taking imodium isn't a good idea. Let us know how you make out! Glad to see ya!


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Hey FruitLoop,

My daughter suffers with short bowel syndrome after having an extensive right hemicolectomy 5 years ago.

Initially she was prescribed Questran Lite which is a powdered medication that absorbs bile salts in the small bowel. It did work for Sarah but she found it too unpalatable so refused to take, she was 14 at the time but I know of others on here that have used it to great effect.

She has also tried Lomotil, Imodium and Metamucil but they all caused bloating and cramping. Eventually she came across natural psyllium husks and with some trial and error with amounts she has been able to bring her motions down to 1 a day for the most part. I will mention here that about 12 months ago she started on a vegan diet so I don't know how much a part that may be playing as well.

Dusty. xxx
FRUITLOOP!!!!!!!!!! So nice to see you again, been so long your kids must be married by now lol, kidding.

:eek: I am sorry for going AWOL - great to be remembered though :soledance:

TBH i am terrible for seeking out forums only when i hit rock bottom - i will post profusely now :biggrin:

I do have the Questran sachets - only problem is they are in the cupboard, suppose i need to actually take them for them to work ? :D

I can live with the D - i just time codeine for when i need to go out and am now used to getting up at 6am every day to go but the malabsorption is a problem. I had to have 3 pints of blood on Tuesday as my HB had dropped to 5 - it dropped from 7 to 5 in 2 weeks so is a big problem.

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Ouch that is alot of blood, but I can't help you there, I have never bled...knock-on-wood... So are you about to see your Gi? If not I would get in there asap!

Hey I was AWOL too for a bit, gotta have a life too ya know. Lots of the old gang has disappeared, some have a great new bunch. Yes, they dont work in the cupboard....:lol: