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Male new to Possible Crohns (anal fistula advice)

As title says, I may be new to Crohns and am getting tested in 2 weeks.
-Have been having crook gut for 12 months, on and off.
-Feeling weak (I'm 38, feel like 78) (I used to be fit)
- 3 perianal abcess, with one into a fistula.

My last fistula was in February.
The surgeon left Seton in for one month and just took it out in office.
Said I shouldn't have any more issues.

Since then...it took 2 months to heal and stop draining (not 2 weeks as he said)
Then since then with sudden movements at work it will open up for a few weeks and weep a lot.

The wound itself doesn't hurt, it just weeps,clear yellow and sometimes bloody discharge.
I called 2 different surgeons.
1 said. It's normal and carry on, the other said infected and get antibiodix.

It deffinetly does smell today (doesn't usually) so I'm getting antibiodix today.

I take 3 sitz baths a day and wear a pad so it's always clean

I was using manuka honey on wound, and coconut oil.

Any advice will be great.

I share a quick description of my whole ordeal in next post.
Not diagnosed w chrons, but I’m building an interesting case. Had what I thought was hemorrhoids in January for a painful week, May they thought it was a “Pilonidal cyst”, week later CT scan said it was an “abscess” that communicated deeply. I jumped the boat and lucked out and got the fistulatomy by June. 7 rounds of antibiotics. No big complications.

Yeah, I’m slowly realizing that they’re back… itchy anus, no mater how much I clean I leak poop.

My advice - do whatever you can to get diagnosed correctly and quickly. Be it IBS or IBD. Not sure if diarrhea causes anal inflammation or IBD causes anal inflammation…

I got my CT scan DVDs and got a second interpretation, which shows what I suspected. Last loop of ileum may be “enlarged” but limited findings. If true, this explains why I’m getting harder to diagnose.

With caring of my fistulotomy i think sitz baths are complete BS, that’s more of a hemorrhoids remedy. Keep dry, clean and your bowl movements in the snake form (Metamucil is magic). I changed my pad hourly first few days, then after each trip to the bathroom. Healed nice, but used antibacterial cream at one point due to smell. It helped. Never used any other cream or topicals. Best to stay away from antibiotics unless you have the infection-flue symptoms. Keep safe. Don’t give up - the seton is a good choice if they placed one.