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Male new to Possible Crohns (anal fistula advice)

As title says, I may be new to Crohns and am getting tested in 2 weeks.
-Have been having crook gut for 12 months, on and off.
-Feeling weak (I'm 38, feel like 78) (I used to be fit)
- 3 perianal abcess, with one into a fistula.

My last fistula was in February.
The surgeon left Seton in for one month and just took it out in office.
Said I shouldn't have any more issues.

Since then...it took 2 months to heal and stop draining (not 2 weeks as he said)
Then since then with sudden movements at work it will open up for a few weeks and weep a lot.

The wound itself doesn't hurt, it just weeps,clear yellow and sometimes bloody discharge.
I called 2 different surgeons.
1 said. It's normal and carry on, the other said infected and get antibiodix.

It deffinetly does smell today (doesn't usually) so I'm getting antibiodix today.

I take 3 sitz baths a day and wear a pad so it's always clean

I was using manuka honey on wound, and coconut oil.

Any advice will be great.

I share a quick description of my whole ordeal in next post.