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Man sues after waking up from colonoscopy wearing pink panties


Is it wrong that I find this hilarious? A man is suing after losing his job for "emotional distress" by waking up from a colonoscopy in women's underwear.

Whoever did it to him should be fired but it's definitely a pretty funny prank and not a news article I expected to find while searching the latest on GI updates.

Also, "severe distress" causing you to lose a job? Really? It's Halloween buddy! Do you think he has a case?

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My husband had quite the opposite reaction Cross stitch. :p Now he's paranoid about what may have happened to him when he had scopes done.

What that person did is just plain wrong (who's to say that's all they did?). I'd sue too. The link is broken so I'm only responding to the thread title.


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No, I'd have to side with the patient. Waking up to find himself dressed in something that he didn't put on... you as a patient put your trust in the staff that while under their anesthetic you are safe in their care. Pulling this prank... if that is all it was.. breaks that trust. He should sue, and whoever did this needs to be shown the 'career' door ASAP
I can agree with the man to an extent but I think he may have over reacted. As Kev said, you put a lot of trust into your surgeons and doctors. As well as that, the man may have been stressed from colonoscopy results and the last thing he would've wanted to see is the doctors pranking him. Under normal circumstances I would laugh along with the doctors but when I was in hospital and was pretty depressed I wouldn't have taken it lightly because of my mental state.