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Man this sucks...

does being on imuran and remicade mean i can't get laser tattoo removal? :(

i've been thinking about getting one of my tattoos removed for a long time... now that i think i'm ready to take on the procedure, i'm thinking that i won't be able to because of the stupid imuran and remi. argh!

because my skin will probably be more sensitive and/or my immune system is getting messed with.

unless there's hope... has anyone here gotten this sort of procedure successfully??? while on these kind of meds?

i'm really irritated by this.

please no comments about not getting tatts... i love tatts, but this particular one i got when i was 17 (so almost 13 years ago) and i don't like the location.

i tried using cover up, but that doesn't seem to do the trick...gets my clothes messy. :(

I've had a different type of laser called N-Lite done and I was on Azathioprine at the time, I know photosensitivity is listed as a possible side effect but it wasn't on the clinics list as being a problem medication. To me it seems like it's really down to the discretion of the clinic as to whether they view you as a suitable candidate.

Best bet in my eyes is to go along to a consultation with them and ask all these questions, after all they are the experts.
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thanks ladies...

yeah i figure i'll ask my specialists, and perhaps get a consultation at the clinic. doesn't hurt to find out more. would be nice to hear from someone with experience but we'll see.