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Managing flu when immunosuppressed

Hi all.

My wife has Crohn’s and is on adalimumab (Humira). I have recently come down with the flu and to be honest, it’s hit me pretty hard. Despite our best efforts, it is now looking like she has got it as well. After her experience with COVID a few years ago, I am really worried about how this is going to affect her. Is there any advice you could offer that would help me to help her? Is it just a case of rest and hope there are no complications or is there anything I can do?

thank you

my little penguin

Staff member
Call her pcp
Tamiflu or other antiviral may help ask -may differe due to her unique history
If her humira is due her Gi may have her hold it depending on her symptoms .
So call the Gi as well .

Good luck 🍀