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Marcia's story

My name is Marcia and I was officially “blessed” with the diagnosis of Crohn’s in March of 2005. I have always had a nervous stomach, at least those are the terms my doctors have always used. I just turned 34, but I can remember symptoms starting when I was around 17 years old.

I gave birth to my first child in March of 2004 and all during my pregnancy I experienced severe bowel problems and was told by my doctor that it was all related to the hormones of pregnancy. However, after an emergency c-section the problems did not go away. Again, the doctor said it was pregnancy related and they should end soon. No such luck. In January of 2005, I began having major problems. I was running to the bathroom at least 25-30 times a day. I began to loose weight at such a drastic rate that my family began asking if I was using laxatives to loose weight. They thought I had an eating disorder. In the beginning of March 2005, I was down to 110lbs from 140lbs and had no energy at all. I had my brother-in-law come over every day to help with my son because I did not have the strength to get out of bed. I completely quit eating because I was so tired of running to the toilet.

During these two months, I had visited my general practitioner 4 times and she was not concerned at all nor did she do any research into my situation. I had also been to the ER twice where I was treated for dehydration and told to drink fluids, take Imodium and I should be fine in a couple of days. (For some ridiculous reason I was taking their word and not questioning it at all.)

By the second week in March, I had lost most of my vision. (Luckily, it has come back fairly well.) I could only focus if I had one eye closed and then it was so blurry that I had to guess at what I was looking at. I was passing out every time I stood up and was unable to bathe myself, much less take care of a one year old little boy.

I had started to except that I was sick and not going to get better when for some reason I decided to call a new doctor and they got my in that day. She took one look at me and called a GI who admitted me to the hospital within 5 minutes of my office visit. Upon admission, I weighed 98lbs and was having heart palpitations. A colonoscopy the second day of my hospital stay showed a positive diagnosis of Crohn’s. I was released on April 1st and was able to walk down the aisle to be married on April 16th.

Since then I have had a couple of hospital stays and some major bad times. My most recent flare lasted for almost 5 months and ended in yet another hospital stay. This hospital stay ended about a month ago and since then I have been doing so great. I have a tendency to take on too much when I am feeling well so I am trying to not overdue it. Stress is a major factor in my life and will set me into a flare so quickly, so my number one priority is to eliminate stress (which is absolutely impossible with a two year old).

Well that is my story in a nut shell. Thanks for listening and I look forward to getting to know all of you better.

Tami Lynn

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Hi Marcia!

Thank you for sharing your story; it actually sounds very similar to my own.

I had 2 young babies, was trying to go to college FT, weighed 98 lbs, was extremely weak, almost passed out on several occasions (the scariest time was when I was driving), I basically stopped eating, heart palpatations, the whole nine yards...

Eventually, I couldn't even make it to school and except for running to the bathroom 25-30 times a day, I pretty much stayed on my LR couch. My babies were left in a play pen in the same room, and I did good just to be able to get their diapers changed a few times each day and get them fed. I felt like the worlds most horrible mother! Oh, and I was a single parent too...

I hear ya on the stress part - one phrase I've been known to use is, "I'm allergic to stress" :p

Sometimes my family thinks that I seem very non-emotional... but actually the opposite is true. I had to learn to play everything down mentally, so I would't trigger a flare up. I've even been called, "Spock" (very straight faced & factual).

Even though I've been feeling better for several years now, this one habit has stuck with me. Even at Christmas time when I get excited--they all think I'm not! I guess it has been my way of dealing with the stress around me. I just disassociate myself and roll with the punches playing it calm and cool.


I'm glad you were finally diagnosed, treated, and seem to be doing better since your last hospital visit. Hopefully you have more good days ahead! I look forward to getting to know you better!


Hi Marcia

Im glad that things seem to be abit better since your last hospital stay and i hope it lasts. Welcome to the site and best of luck

All the best


Hey Marcia
Thanks for sharing your story! I hope things continue to improve for you and that I will see you around the board :)


Hi Marcia!

I am sorry to hear that you had such a bad time getting diagnosed, but am glad that things have gotten a bit better since then. Hope to see you around here much more in the future.


Mama Crohnie
Hi Marcia...very nice to meet you. Gee our stories sound so much alike. So glad to read you are doing a little better since your last hospital stay. Nice to have you here, and I look forward to knowing you better.


WELCOME ABOARD MARCIA ... Make yourself right home here & I am sure that the other members will tell you the same thing. You have found a wonderful site & I am sure that you will find plenty of comfort here & all of us will make you feel welcome !! I however am not the one with CD my husband is ... and so I have met a lot of wonderful folks here that have helped me out and I have shared plenty of good things with them in return so have fun & jump into the games & have fun !! :)


hey Marcia,

Sorry to hear of your troubles - but stick in there, and all will be fine!! Stick around the boards too, you might just have a giggle...................!

Take care xx


Hey Marcia!! Welcome!! I am glad you came along to this site!! (Marcia and I email each other, since we share the joys of Motherhood with toddlers!! Without her emails, I would go nutz!!!!).

Like you, I was told it was hormonal due to pregnancy, and that it was only IBS with bleeding hemmi's...and they never once checked me for anything! And then, when I had my son, all I could do was sit him in his lil' bouncy chair and play with him that way, since I was so weak I couldn't even hold him most of the time. Poor kid. Lived in that chair for 4 months!! So I can also relate to Tami! And, at the time, my hubby was an over-the-road truck driver, so I was basically by myself, since all family live over 2-3 hours away! Finally when my son was almost 5 months old, it was off to the ER where I was admitted and diagnosed with good ol' Crohn's.

Anyway....glad to have you here!!! And soooo glad you are doing soo much better too!! But watch out with the over doing it (I say as I do the same thing, and end up paying for it!!)!!!!!!



Wow I never knew you could lose your sight, pretty scary stuff huh? Good job you called that new doc! Thanks for your story :)