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Maxed out on Asacol


One Badass Dude
Saw the GP on Friday. Still experiencing a great deal of discomfort, so he upped my Asacol to 12 400mg capsules a day along with the Prevacid. I feel a bit disoriented every time I have to increase my Asacol, although I quickly adjust.

Still turning down the Prednisone -- don't want to go there.

I also have a prescription for Champix, which I think I'll start in the new year. I think it'll help with the Crohn's symptoms, although the real impetus is to quit smoking.

Wicked bad chronic diarrhea still, and this is with me being careful with my diet. Frustrating.

No further progress with seeing a Gastroenterologist. Supposedly sometime late spring/early summer. A buddy of mine with Ulcerative Colitis faces a 14 month wait to see the same doctor. It's nuts.

My Butt Hurts

GoJ - that is a ridiculous time to wait to see a GI. Can you call around and see someone else? I'm thinking that you might need something stronger than just asacol. Also, have you taken prednisone before? It can really work wonders. Sorry you feel crappy.


ele mental leprechaun
Ach Johnny this isnt a good position to be in at all honey..

Really feel for you. Can understand why you dont want to go down the pred route. Emotionally it just wipes me out and physically you go through so much too on the side effects front but as the girls say it does have an impact that is beneficial and sometimes we have to rob peter to pay paul eh?

It is draining to the core fighting day in day out with what you are living with and you need relief now not towards the summer!

Is there no way you can push to be seen earlier? As MBH says it does sound like you need something stronger on the meds front too.

Hope you can get some results with all of this much much sooner. Keep us posted.

Thinking of you.. ((hugs))

Hey Johnny,

I'm also taking 12 of the 400mg Asacols per day. The alternative is to do the Predisone thing but I'm avoiding that for as long as possible. I also use the 1000mg Canasa suppositories when necessary. When my doc gave me a prescription for 180 of the suppositories I thought he was nuts. There was no way I was gonna stick that many things up my butt. But they work...and I just got a refill. The Canasa is the same as Asacol, just in a different form and method of delivery and it seems to work a whole lot faster.

Good luck on getting in to see your gastro doc. Too long to wait.