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Maximum length to be on entocort/budenofalk?

Hello. I currently on entocort and coming to an end of a 3 month course. I am concerned as I'm going to be going abroad to work for the summer in a few weeks and my symptoms might start when I come off entocort.

I read that 3 months is the maximum time that someone can be on entocort, is that true? Like has anyone on here ever been on entocort for over three months?

I don't really know what to say to my consultant, should I ask to go on a maintenance drug such asacol?

Thanks to anyone who responds, it's appreciated.


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I've been on Entocort twice, both times well over 3 months. The first time I believe I was on it for 7 months - that was in 2010/2011. And then I was on it again from Feb - Oct 2014, so about 8 months that time. No ill effects. My GI said that it's mild enough that it's safe to be on for that amount of time.

As for your question about maintenance meds, yes, that's definitely something to ask your doctor about. There should be a plan in place once you come off of Entocort - presuming that Entocort gets you into remission, you should be on a long-term medication to keep you in remission. Some of them take awhile to kick in, so this is something you should be asking your doc about ASAP. Good luck with your trip abroad!
Hi! There was a similar discussion on this thread here recently.

I second what Cat-A-Tonic said about maintenance meds. For most people, achieving remission and using an effective maintenance med gives us the best longterm outcome.

Good luck! Hope you can enjoy a long remission and your trip abroad!