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May be soon joining the DIAGNOSED CLUB!

I just got a call from my new GI. He had all of the biopsies taken by my old GI sent off to a special GI path lab in Memphis.

Results came back as most likely Crohn's.

Ordering tons more blood work and a PILL CAM! I'm just waiting on insurance authorization.

Hopefully things will begin to move in the right direction. This was a much better response than the old doc, "Let's just wait another month and see what happens." (heard that each month for 5 months)


Hi there, fingers crossed these tests will get you a diagnosis. I am still surprised at how many posts I see that mention the wait and see 'treatment', what is wrong with these people!! Hopefully the new doc will continue with the good work :)


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Glad to hear you are closer to getting a diagnosis.

The pill cam was the easiest test I have done thus far. What prep will you have to do? It seems places vary greatly on the prep needed for a pill cam. Some doctors only require a fast, while mine wanted fast + full colonoscopy prep.
not fully keen on the procedure yet. I questioned the girl that called a bit and she said that they only require a clear liquid diet the day before.

I do have a question for you about it though. Is the camera "retrieved" or is it disposable?

Just wondering what kind of humility i've got to go through this time.

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I have not had the camera pill but pretty sure you poop it out. But I am sure someone will chime in. Hope you get it done ok. :hang:
I've had 2 pillcams. At different hospital so different procedures. The first was just nil by mouth from midnight and they didn't require the pill to be 'looked for'. As long as they saw the colon they were happy.If they didn't an abdo xray to make sure it had been passed.
The second one done at a different hospital required light diet for 2 days and then klean prep from the evening before. They asked for you to check your bm's to make sure it came out.
Very easy test, preferred the first in that it required no prep etc but the second one they had a much longer battery life so it reached my colon.


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You don't need to return the capsule once it's been expelled. :) Some people like to check for it to make sure it was in fact expelled, but yes it can be flushed. I never saw mine but I expelled it at some point. Good luck! I hope this gets you the answers you need!
Got approval for my pill cam today! Scheduled for Tuesday. Hopefully it will give me some answers or better yet allow me to have more accurate treatment. They are also calling in a script for Lortab for the pain for now.