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May contain traces of gluten???

I've been on the SCD diet for years now. My flares are not as bad as when the
disease first started out. They generally go on and on, with mild symptoms...but the most frustrating part is its hard to keep my weight up!

I've been under control for a number of years now, though a few months ago, I had some mild symptoms...

lately, and its now Autumn, I feel something coming on again. I've been questioning everything I eat- and there are a few new things that I've recently added. Also, I've not had yogurt in some months, mainly because it generally effects me negatively- even if its been fermented for 24 hours!

but the things I've added are;

sparkling water with organic blue berry juice
Also, fresh squeezed lemon
store bought ground almond meal- states that it doesn't contain preservatives.... but may have traces of hazelnut.

and also I've recently noticed that the spices I use, though organic, MAY have traces of gluten... I assumed, for a number of months that it was ok....but I was wrong.

Can my symptoms be due to any of the things above?

What should I do, go back to the beginning diet?

I'm also taking whipworm btw.

Thanks very much for your help!


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Although not a follower of the scd diet, I am gluten free. In my case this is because of coeliac disease, I have to be very, very strict about what I eat, but have been told that generally things that say ' made in a factory with ' or 'may contain traces of' should not cause problems for most people with coeliac. I have a severe case though so unless I know it's ok I don't do it.

However, for something like the scd diet I actually doubt that the very minimal traces that may be present would be enough to cause a problem. It usually just means that in some part of the factory there are gluten containing foods, therefore there is a very, very small chance that a tiny amount of gluten might end up in your food. The laws are pretty strict, and they mean that even if there is only one gluten containing product produced in that place, all products have to be labled as 'may contain ' .

If you are simply following the diet for crohns, I don't think the kind of amounts you'd be dealing with would be enough to trigger symptoms, that would be much more consistent with a condition like coeliac or an allergy.
There were things in SCD diet that I couldn't tolerate.
Although similar, the Paleo/Low FODMAP diet worked better for me.

The other thing I did that helped was started juicing for my breakfast.

I hope you feel better. Good luck, keep us posted.
Based on your question, you don't seem to be allergic to gluten. As mentioned in the previous post, very small trace of gluten won't make a difference unless you are allergic.

If you really want to play it safe, just remove what you've added and slowly introduce them one at a time each week and monitor it.

I suggest you write a journal with everything you eat so you can make accurate correlation.

Good Luck