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Mayo Clinic: How should we manage and follow the low risk IBD patient with mild disease?

Lady Organic

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Again, very interesting. if you find any other conferences by IBD specialist please post! This is the way I like to learn the most:ysmile:

*Edit: oh well, I ended up watching several other crohn's and colitis fondation of America videos on youtube on my saturday night, thanks a lot :D:D:D
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My pleasure! I really enjoyed the presentation and was glad to see that my treatment plan corresponds to these guidelines.
Very interesting and informative! I think the most important thing I learned is that yearly clinical evaluations (including colonoscopies/endoscopies) are extremely important. My previous GI was a bit lax about that and I ended up sliding downhill until I landed in the hospital (twice, each for week-long stays). My current GI is much more proactive and doesn’t like to leave any anomalies unchecked. She also approaches her patients as individuals which is exactly what this presentation says is so important. Heading in for an endoscopy this week because of a 40 lb weight loss over the last 7 months.
I'm glad you enjoyed the presentations! I agree no matter how asymptomatic one may be staying vigilant is very important. Wishing you all the luck in your endoscopy!
Always keep colonoscopies and endoscopes current, iv had 47 colonoscopies and have helped stop problems early on.endoscopes have been less had far fewer of them.
The video was very interesting and helpful. thank you, George