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Meaning of lab results?

11/7 says 6tgn 145, 6mmpn 701, bilorubin .14 Rdw slightly high, everything else within normal range

1/6 says 6mp<20, bilorubin direct .11 Rdw slightly high, everything else within normal range

Does anyone know how to compare the 6 mp? I'm trying to persuade my GI to leave me at 25 mg (second test is at 50 and my immune system is not happy).

Best to all. Thx.


Staff member
Hello lmb100
The lab results do not appear to make much sense..I. have not heard of a tgn test,
Bilorubin should be Bilirubin, and RDW applies to a red cell count and means random distribution width.
It's a good thing that those mistakes did not apply to you since they were somewhat
Hope you are being well cared for
Feel better soon