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Mechanisms of mucosal healing: treating inflammatory bowel disease without immunosuppression?

i realized alot can be done, even categorizing certain supplements and dietary changes......but to what extent i guess nobody can tell me yet cuz they sure do push those biologics dont they.

its encouraging to see more and more research tho....the more ppl get effected each year there could just be a better hope around the corner.
Agree. Biologics are certainly the first line defense, at least how's how it feels to me. And once you get on it then you are afraid to get off due to all kinds of sound reasons. It's a very difficult place mentally and physically to be in.

There is a lady who is pretty active in the advocate community who had recently stopped her biologic because she's been in deep remission for 10 years and she told her care team that she wanted to stop. With the great support of her doc, she is on a monitoring schedule and drug free. She mentioned since there are a lot more tools/drugs available to her now so her doc is not worried if she ever needs some type of treatment help again.

It certainly is encouraging to know there is someone somewhere quietly out there trying to discover creative ways to help with a nasty problem. I hope and pray we will see more progress from this lab.
yes right, not something to generally stop/start as needed...id love to find a doc that understands the concept of a monitoring schedule tho....i even try to ask about it and get an accusatory, what do you expect we gonna CT scan you every appt? and i already known that even if they did that, it wont catch things not major.

they wont discuss it until im cleared for latentTB treatment tho....which i wouldnt need to even do if i wasnt going to take biologics.....but they wont help me figure that out until after i act like im going to do it....which could ironically trigger me....ugh.

looking hard for any ways to avoid the whole mess since after surgery i am getting better more than worse so far....

seems to me like treating it as leaky gut makes most sense....even in terms of this link you shared...

but then throwing, like what im doing, layers....pre, post, and probiotics, fungi, tnf-a blockers or such like AC-11...flavonoids, basic building blocks vitamins ALA, omegas etc, anti stuff like monolaurin and aged garlic....herbals, powders like anthocyanins....

idk how any one shot or pill can do all that you know, but then again im told im wasting my time and money so options are great.