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Med Change-update on Johnny

My son's fecal cal has been steadily going up for about 8 months now. He is going for a colonoscopy/upper endoscopy/biopsies tomorrow morning to see exactly where his disease is as far as severity. His GI wants to switch his meds to reduce his lymphoma risk. He is currently on 6mp and has been for 4 years. He has tested EBV negative and there fore has never had mono. There apparently has been some recent research that shows that if you get mono while on 6mp the risk is even greater for lymphoma.

He will be starting either Methotrexate, Humira or Remicade. Anyone else had their meds/childs meds switched for this reason?


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Our GI prefers not to use Imuran/6MP unless absolutely necessary. Some pediatric GI's don't use it at all anymore. There are videos about the pros and cons of thiopurines in pediatric IBD - I think crohnsinct posted them somewhere.

Hope the scope goes well!


We increase medication dose and added a new medication on faecal calprotectin levels increasing. No other symptoms.
At dx my son tried imuran but had a reaction to it, so was put on MTX instead. The MTX worked well until the spring when symptoms returned, and he was switched to Remicade. He now takes a lower dose (and oral) of MTX with the Remicade. Our GI advised that he no longer gives imuran to boys at all due to the lymphoma risk-unless there is no alternative. So, seems your GI and ours is on the same page.