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Medical alert bracelet.... anyone have one? Thoughts?

After my recent hospital stay I learned that my husband is not comfortable with his knowledge of my past medical history, current and past treatments. His big worry is that I could get to a point where I can't explain things well, or that things change so fast (meds/treatments) that he will tell a doctor something wrong. He has asked me to write everything down, which I did, but he wonders if a medical alert bracelet that I can update with a company regularly is an option.
Doses anyone else have something like this? If so where did you get it?

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Here it's a 24 hour /7 day a week service not just a bracelet

Ds has had one for years
They will help you with the inscription
And then you just update your electronic medical history
And print out a copy or view it on your phone

Very easy

Standard stainless steel ones are cheap and can be left on even in the shower or swimming

Lauren's hope has medical bracelets that are fancier that also go through medic alert but you need to get the medic alert package through medic alert

They run discounts (AAA or PTA /PTO etc...)
Thanks, just didn't look at all this from hubbys perspective and he made a good argument. Thanks again for info.


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We also use medic alert for my daughter. It makes me feel much better that all her info is with her at all times. The most important things are on her bracelet and all her meds and doctors are listed on her medical history.

She is on so many medications that it's really helpful to have all her info there and accessible to doctors, in case she is unable to speak for herself for some reason.

I got mine tattooed as I had a bracelet and it broke. I have my unique health number underneath and charms with my medical conditions chroma, diabetes, asthma, copper and sodium symbols as I'm always low.
Thank you all, I have gotten some good info. Think my hubby will definitely want me to have one. I just never looked at my care from his side before.


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I'm thinking about getting a bracelet myself. I don't have one yet, but I've recently started taking LDN and so far that's going really well. But, you cannot take any opioid-based meds while on LDN or it'll make you really ill, so if I was in an accident or something and wasn't able to communicate that, they might give me pain meds and make me much sicker. Because of that, I think I'm going to look into getting a bracelet as well.
I dont have one. And I know for a fact my fiance doesnt have a clue which meds im on as you know what its like with steroids (on for a while, tapering or off). But to his defence im on so many meds i cant remember off the top of my head lol. I might put a list in my bag.
Pug Gamer this is exactly what we encountered. My husband got so worried when I was asked the million admission questions at the hospital & he couldn't answer them. I never looked at it from his point of view. It worried me also as I love to hike often on my own, and the what if's took over... think we have decided to get one just for peace of mind.


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Even if you don't get a bracelet right away, you can put a card in your wallet or phone case with the important info written on it. That's what I'm going to do for now (I also like to hike, and although I tend to hike with my dog, I don't think she could answer questions if I was incapacitated).

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I carry a medical card on me. I actually print 3 when I make them. One goes in my wallet, one is kept on me and one is put into my file at work. I started carrying when I was on prednisone years ago and some girls at work asked me to keep one on me at all times while there. I've made my own, but this is the info I go off of. It also helps when I go to my doctors because they always ask about all these on here.