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Medical coverage for Periodontal

I am trying to find a loophole somewhere in my medical policy to get my periodontal laser treatment covered since the gum disease is directly linked to Crohns and therefore is medical in nature. Also, the definition of Crohns states that it can effect anywhere from the mouth to the anus.
I know, I know, logic means nothing in insurance -land !
My plan excludes periodontics butis there anyone on here who has had any luck convincing their insurance that this is a medical issue?
Otherwise it will cost me $5,100 out of pocket!
Crohns is a Champagne taste kind of disease lilllll:ymad:
I don't know much about insurance, but the policy I used to have would cover any procedure done as an inpatient. No one wants to end up in the hospital but, well, there's a loophole if I ever heard one. Are you near a hospital where they do dental surgery?
Good question! I don't know if they would do it as inpatient in the hospital unless it's related to an injury? I will look into it though! Thanks for the suggestion :)