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Medicated Powder?

Hi Everyone! I just got my ileostomy on the 20th and life is already so much better!! I even went out to a show last night for the first time in FOREVER! I've got my life back!

However, I have developed some irritation around the stoma and all of this is new territory for me. My visiting nurse hasn't been much help so I thought I'd ask the experts :smile:

So, it looks like some of the skin right around the stoma is pulling off and it's very sore to the touch and even when I move or walk.
I ordered powder from Hollister that I heard might help but I'm wondering if I can use an OTC medicated powder while I'm waiting. Maybe Gold Bond or Ammens?
Also, do you have suggestions for other products I can use to help heal this and prevent it from happening again?

Thanks for all of your help!



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New York, USA
I use gold bond for my (non-stoma related) skin rash - I've been getting red/sore where my bra line is under my chest.....works very well for that.....doesn't sting etc...but do NOT touch your eyes before washing your hands!
Im not sure about what powder to use... but make sure your cleaning the skin around your stoma gently but thoroughly...the 'waste' coming out your bag can irritate your skin alot let alone having to pull off a stoma bag every day..its not easy on your skin. So although the powder does help obviously...self help cleaning your skin properly should do the trick for the future :) and make sure you cutting your stoma bag to the right size and your not leaving too much of a gap around your stoma for the waste to stain your skin too much..and thats also how you get leakages so be carefull with that. i didnt have my op too long before you i had mine on the 13th so its all also new to me but dealing with it every day you pick it all up fairly easily :) But your right too this site is great because my aftercare team hasnt been that helpful either, wether its the excuse of christmas i dont know so its always nice to have the support of other people. good luck with your future :hang:xx
Hi Amy,
Welcome to the club :)

The UOAA forum has some good advice for these types of problems, or post your own question. Since it covers more then Crohns, I find there are many more ostomates there.

Here is one thread on skin problems:

Sometimes a prescription powder is needed, like Nystatin powder for a fungal infection.

And you may want to find an Ostomy nurse in your area- try http://www.wocncenter.com/public/member_directory.cfm

They will know what you need much better than a regular nurse or doc. I went to one about 2 weeks after my surgery and have not needed her since.

It's great that you're out and about already!
Thanks, Didi and Joe! I picked up some skin prep and barrier rings and that is helping a little. Going to change my bad today and see if it's improved at all.

My doctor said to use balmex 3 times a day - but I have a one-piece and I don't see how I'll be able to get to it without changing the entire bag which I'm not going to do 3 times a day!

Joe, thanks so much for the links! They were very helpful. I am going to contact a local ostomy nurse listed on the site you sent me to. She's at a hospital not far from me. Hopefully she can take a look at it.

Again, thank you both so much for the information!

Happy New Year!

i used a barrier spray when i had my bag, worked a treat and the skin never again became sore. the one i had was 'cavillon' barrier spray. very effective!