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Medication AFTER Proctocolectomy

What medication do you take after you have surgery? I'm heading toward Restorative Proctocolectomy if god is kind to me.

I'm guessing some sort of pain killer for a start but is there anything else?

I had a subtotal colectomy (proctocolectomy is upcoming!) with a permanent ileostomy. Since my surgery, I'm on a 'medication vacation.' I was on Dilaudid (for pain) after surgery as well as IV antibiotics (I had excess surgical fluid that was infected). Two months after surgery, I finished all meds and have taken nothing since.

I continue to take multivitamins, Vitamin D, and fish oils, but nothing other than that. I am enjoying life in remission and want to give my body a break after years and years of toxic Crohn's meds.

I wish you all the best if you decide to go the surgery route. In the meantime, if methotrexate works for you, then that would be great!




I was on Demerol and Gravol immediately after my surgery, after 4 days I went to just plain old Tylenol (and that was mostly for back spasms not from the surgery itself). Currently I'm not on any Crohn's meds and haven't been for almost 2 years.


Ames and Cindy...Since you both have Crohns and not UC, can I assume that you both have Crohns Colitis? Where it's only the large colon that was affected?
I took tramadol for pain but now I'm on nothing!! Woooo!!! I can even eat whatever the hell I like.. I won't be trying wheat berries though! Tee hee hee


@Misty...nope I only have Crohn's. I've never been diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis. I've had some activity in my mouth and eyes, but most of my activity has been in my colon, anus, and rectum. I'm knocking on wood right now that I haven't had a recurrence of symptoms...but I have a scope every year so if there's anything going on I'll be back on meds asap.