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Medication and Colonoscopy

I have a colonoscopy to do this week and I am still on Entocort, I don't remember what my Dr. said exactly when I asked him if I should continue to take the Entocort even on the day of the colonoscopy. What have been your experience with this? It says to fast after midnight, if I take it in the morning without food would that be bad?


I was put on Entocort after mine, but they told me no meds in the morning. Like umpharmd said, take it when you get home. :)

Good luck! They are so much fun!
I have it tomorrow, I took my meds this morning, going to eat breakfast and lunch and then will take the laxatives at 2pm. I guess its logic, I'll take my meds after my colonoscopy tomorrow which is around 1:30-2pm.