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Medication for crohns disease

My daughter is 16 years old and had crohns disease for past 5 years. She has tried the following mediciation:- pred steriods, azathioprine, Inflixamab infusions, humira injections, methotrexate injections, Asacol tablets, liquid diets:- has anyone else tried a different medication for crohns which is not listed above. Thanks from a deperate mum xx
I'm on Entocort (Budesonide) to keep my crohn's in check. It's a type of steroid BUT there are no nasty side effects like prednisone. There is no puffy face, mood swings, etc. as it doesn't get absorbed into the blood stream. It goes directly to the inflammation in the small bowel.

hope this helps. I've been on 6MP as well but it started to affect my liver so my GI had me stop it on the spot.
My teenage son is on low dose naltrexone and entocort; his disease has been in the ileum. He is also on vitamin D 5000IU which may be helping--not sure.
Thank u everyone for your comments, I will present my list of other meds to her consultant before he goes ahead with surgery!! Jessica had a colonoscopy in January this year and she was totally ulcerated throughout her bowel. She has to have another one in a month's time.