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Medication for stress

Like many I notice my symptoms can worsen due to stress — I try to balance my stress levels with a busy job. Recently I went for a new job interview and had some major diarrhoea just before the interview was meant to start! I don't like to take imodium/loperamide that often as it gives me some nasty gut cramps.

Has anyone ever taken anti-anxiety medication or something similar to help them cope with work? Maybe just in particularly stressful situations?


Yes I take Klonopin as needed for anxiety. It's somewhat helpful but it only takes a little of the edge off. There are other drugs like that which may help.
Thanks for your reply. I'm glad it offers you some help. In the past I have tried diazepam, however it just seems to make me sleepy.
I would recommend talk therapy and the meds based on the providers opinion. They will help determine ways to deal with the anexiety and stresses. For me, it was OCD, but for others it could be low lying depression or other issues.