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I am wondering if anyone on this Forum knows how to get medication that isn’t available in your own country? I had an op in 2013 to remove a section of small bowel which has left me with bile salts malabsorption. I mostly use Imodium which I can buy in bulk quite easily. I have tried Questran with limited success, granules are not very practical unless you are at home. I know there is a tablet form called Colesevelam or Cholestagel in the UK and I really want to try it. My GP says if I can find a supplier he is happy to write me a prescription. So far I have only turned up one website in which they want $1 per tablet with a minimum purchase of 200. That is fine for a trial but if I find it helpful that kind of ongoing financial outlay is not feasible. I live in Australia and they only have Questran. I tried a friend who works in a medical surgery and she asked in a pharmacy but they couldn’t help her. Does anyone know any reputable medical websites on line I can try? I have been in remission since my op but this is worse than the flare ups I used to have and is very life limiting as many of you will know. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help me with this enquiry.