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Medicine for crohns with Diarrhoea help and info needed

I hope to get some info and help
I have Crohn’s Disease and Ankylosing spondylitis for over 15 years now and have taken steroids and Mezavant XL 4800mg which always have worked, but have caused a cataract. I am now on Mezavant XL 4800mg and weekly Humira injections for 6 month. At first Humira worked completely, but for the last 3 month I now have got again explosive Diarrhoea and bleeding. I spent a minimum of 10 times running to the toilet a day, and get anxious going out and that causes stress and then more flare ups.
I had a SeHCAT Scan for suspected bile acid malabsorption which I have not got and is not my cause for my Diarrhoea.
I also take 60mg Codeine and 16mg Loperamide a day but Diarrhoea will not stop, only with Prednisolone Steroids.
Does any body got an idea about medicines like Methotrexat etc to recommend, which I can suggest to my DR in combo Maybe like Humira (which controls the pain and other symptoms) and Methotrexat?
Any info would be most welcome.
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