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Medicine for crohns with Diarrhoea help and info needed

I hope to get some info and help
I have Crohn’s Disease and Ankylosing spondylitis for over 15 years now and have taken steroids and Mezavant XL 4800mg which always have worked, but have caused a cataract. I am now on Mezavant XL 4800mg and weekly Humira injections for 6 month. At first Humira worked completely, but for the last 3 month I now have got again explosive Diarrhoea and bleeding. I spent a minimum of 10 times running to the toilet a day, and get anxious going out and that causes stress and then more flare ups.
I had a SeHCAT Scan for suspected bile acid malabsorption which I have not got and is not my cause for my Diarrhoea.
I also take 60mg Codeine and 16mg Loperamide a day but Diarrhoea will not stop, only with Prednisolone Steroids.
Does any body got an idea about medicines like Methotrexat etc to recommend, which I can suggest to my DR in combo Maybe like Humira (which controls the pain and other symptoms) and Methotrexat?
Any info would be most welcome.
First see my post "Cannabis and Short Wave Diathermy for CD"

Daily Triple dose Konsyl in COLD glass of water after 8mg loperamide. You may have to begin to empty your loperamide capsules as you may not be breaking the capsules down early enough in your digestive process.

Engage the Rowe Elimination Diet, waiting THREE DAYS prior to introducing each respective new food. I would start with the aromatic rice grown in the Nile valley. DO NOT INTRODUCE ANY CORN PRODUCT until you are having minimal stools.

NO chlorinated water, only reverse osmosis. NO tea, NO coffee, no carbonation, no dyes in drinks, no OJ as it can contain unlabeled high fructose corn syrup.

Find a DC, DO or ND that can:

Adjust your spine.vigorously and specifically enough to elicit a somatovisceral reflex;

Dispense you a vegetable based proteolytic enzyme such as NESS #1, from which you will get a short term or mIdterm benefit for the gut but it will take longer to improve the AS;

Dispense you a broad spectrum probiotic and if you have the patience make your own yogurt using same as the culture;

Administer needle acupuncture per TCM Law of Five Elements with strong polarity specific electrical stimulation.

Administer the SWD per my previous post;

Repeat ALL the physical medicine 5-6x week 1, 3x next 3 weeks, etc.

Kindly post response to treatment but PLEASE be persistent as you may have to seek multiple practitioners to get everything I have suggested.

I hate to rock the boat but the GIs to whom I historically referred advised the Mezavant worked better for UC while Asacol(original formula) worked better for CD but that is up to you and your GI.

Lastly, you might attempt to prevail upon an allopathic or osteopathic practitioner to Rx you the two antibiotics suggested by Professor John Hermon-Taylor for the MAP that we all seem to have. Yes, I have enjoyed (sarc) CD for 45 years which is why I became a D.C. Certified in TCM in pursuit of minimally invasive treatment and 40% of my practice was GI.

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