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Just wondering what others do with there supplies or meds. if they have extra or don't need any longer. I know there are certain laws but there are so many that can't afford some. Does anyone know about certain laws were they make exceptions? :emot-cop:


I wonder the same thing.... I have a ton of antibiotics leftover... can't dump them as I don't want to poison the water supply, and don't want to "share" them as I am scared of someone else getting sick if they take the wrong thing....


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Here any out of date, unused or leftover medication is taken back to the pharmacy for them to dispose of. I don't know that there would be any programs that redistribute medication once it has been dispensed. Even though it may never have been opened I would imagine there would be concerns about tampering or the conditions under which it has been stored.

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I have read that you should mix it with something to make it unpalatable, and discard it in the garbage. Something like used coffee grounds, or something else gross so no one would ever think of eating it.